Explore Jakarta’s Street Food

Got the munchies? Explore Jakarta Street Food tongue tantalizing road food. As the capital of Indonesia and a melting pot of cultures, the Big Durian serves a few of the most addicting food. These vendors aren’t hard to locate as they’re sprawled throughout this city. Once you begin munching, you just can’t stop!
Below is a list of some of our street foods that is favorite!

1 | Martabak
The two varieties of Martabak, sweet and savory. The savory Martabak is a hot fried “omelette” made of either poultry or duck eggs.it’s got a crispy texture on the outside and veggies and beef filling on the inside. One bite will leave you wanting more.
In the mean time, the candy Martabak is comparable to a pancake. The two types of Martabak, thin or thick. The classic version is full of chocolate sprinkles or cheese. Nevertheless, nowadays sweet Martabak have evolved to all kinds of flavours, like green tea, Toblerone, Ovomaltine velvet and much more.
2 | Kerak Telor
Kerak Telor is the native Betawi traditional dish. It’s a crispy omelette made from glutinous rice and eggs, cooked on charcoal. It’s then topped with a scrumptious serving of fried shallots and coconut. Yummie!
3 | Gado-Gado
If you desire a far healthy option, then try some Gado-Gado. This is Indonesia’s version of salad. The dish consists of fresh veggies like chayote, green bean, cabbage, corn, bean sprouts, spinach, baked potatoes and tofu or tempe. The veggies are then drizzled with savory peanut sauce, and if you prefer it warm, you may add extra chili. The mouthwatering Gado-Gado is a favorite among vegans.
4 | Siomay
This is most probably possibly the most famous road food within the city. From travel carts to restaurants, Siomay is served via the city in many different ways. Nevertheless, the best-tasting Siomay is the ones offered on the road. Siomay is influenced by the dumpling Shu Mai. It’s made of steamed fish (generally tenggiri or wahoo fish) dumpling served with steamed tofu, potatoes, drowned in tasty peanut sauce. This is essential try!
5 | Gorengan (Fried Snacks)
This is another prevalent selection for those craving some snacks. Basically, any battered-and after bites is called Gorengan. Street vendors usually sells deep-fried tofu (without or with fillings), tempe (soybean cake), cassava and bananas. Many locals eat this bite-sized food with little green chilis (cabai rawit) to add spiciness.